Art Deco Moths 62cm x 54cm



This antique Art Deco frame was the inspiration for this picture which is currently  still available. The aged looking  moth collection,  frame and painted background of flowers inspired by the Books of Hours all come together with  in this collection – picture. They are all subjects that return to me often. I put the whole piece as in a display box frame with low reflective glass. The modern day antiques of the future is where i seem to be going with this piece. The moths and foliage escaping the frame is also  typical of my work wanting to contradict the beauty of the man made art deco frame with the will of nature..(yet the Art Deco movement was inspired by natural patterns)…..all life and death subjects!!

It was one of a pair, the other had a gilt frame and sold from Cornwall Crafts  Trelowaren Gallery this summer. Id love to see it in situ but don’t know who bought it. I hope this piece finds its place in someones home.