Asparagus Bunch 30cm x 40cm



Vegetables of most varieties appeal to me. Its the kitchen table ordinary subject, not blouse or fancy , just good a reminder of good food.  I trained in horticulture and worked on Scilly off Cornwall and then in West Cornwall during my 20’s. The subjects led me to paint them more than grow them although I do have an overgrown allotment. The Earthenware clay  I use, I craft into the shapes of Asparagus,  Beans, Beetroot,  or whatever veg is the subject, then fire to over 1000′  and then set into a handmade Tulip wood frame and worked together to make the finished picture. All painted with light resistant colours. They can have a matt varnish for extra protection but mine have been fine without  for over 30 years. I do many different types do ask if you want to commission anything with no obligation to buy.