Cornish FIshing Boat Retablo 14 ins x 20 ins



The Fishing Boat retablo. Is an opening and  closing panel, this one measuring   14ins high and 20ins when open. I love the idea of opening a picture, like a book, and the image transporting us to a different place.  The place is inspired by the Cornish coast where I live, the gliding Herring Gulls, the glistening mackerel, and the wind; sometimes that summer wind cooling us down and other times bitterly cold…         I do many of these ‘ icon boxes’, partly because they are an intriguing  way of presenting a relief  image but also practical for traveling if you need to. Once in situ they can hang flat on a wall or sit on a mantle.  The ‘retablo’  originates  from South America.They make little ones from wood, telling a simple story that people travel with blessing their journey.. The ‘Icon box’ tends to be more of an  Eastern influence, Russian Orthodoxy especially.  I like  drawing on these worldly influences and my experience. Ideas that are developed by the needs of ordinary local people that become their Folklore,Their Keepsakes, Mementos or  Guiding Stars.

I draw on my local inspiration, the fishing life around Cornwall. The Luggers and Sloops that fish in and around the harbours here. The Lighthouses are  from around the Cornish coast, the fish and Gulls swarming around the catch.

I have done many varied sizes over the years. the photos here are just a few of them.

Commissions are always worth asking me about .