Cornish Lugger 12ins x 14 ins


!2 ins x 14 ins, rebate wooden frame, painted to become part of the picture. This old sardine fishing boat is sailing through the stormy seas of St Ives bay, with seagulls calling in the wind. All layers of fired ceramic relief  drawing the eye into the wild theater of the Cornish coast. Suitable for any interior space, no glass to steam up! just mat relief ceramic.


A Cornish Lugger, with its Ox Blood stained Sails, they cut such a familiar profile on our local seas. The sturdy working boats that are still used around the Cornish Coast. For the picture I build up the textured  ceramic relief in the deep set wooden frame. I fire the ceramic relief to over 1000 degrees, and then paint and assemble it into the handmade frame. I work the frame into the picture in so doing i draw the viewer in to the multilayered  coastal life.

Speak to me about any ideas or colours you might like. They  look great in any room. The colours are fade proof and wood is Tulip wood which is the most stable framing wood.