Cornish Lighthouse 30 cm x 36 cm



The evocative Cornish Light House image. Capturing the imagination of the onlooker..taking them off to sea, seeking the yellow glow of the light house light, guiding them to safety. An image I return to often as most days I walk the Cornish coast looking out to sea and notice its different moods and light. And the gulls gliding the golden beams drawn to the glimpses of  mackerel in the waves beneath.

The relief areas are  fired ceramic. Individually crafted by hand, then fired and assembled in the hand made, painted wooden, frame  gradually building it into the finished  image you see before you. Every picture is unique, some with seagulls calling through the night sky and others with jumping fish weaving the eye through the ceramic waves and usually overlapping onto the frame as the coastal waves ebb and flo.

The colours and sizes can be adapted to suit your room. When I make a commision I always send the buyer a picture first so they can decide at that point if they like it. I want to be sure they are happy with it before I deliver it. If you decide you dont like it, i can usually hang it in an exhibition, so all is not lost.