Godrevy Lighthouse 12ins x 14 ins


12 ins. by 14 ins. ‘Godrevy Lighthouse’, made using fired layers of smooth earthenware, painted and assembled into the handmade, rebate, wooden frame. The frame is painted to become part of the nautical scene. Relief clouds and dark stormy seas that surround the Godrevy lighthouse draw the eye into the stormy seas around the local island in Gwithian Bay.


12  inch x 14 inch.   Set in a hand made wooden rebate frame, this ceramic relief of Godrevy Lighthouse is inspired by the surrounding Hayle and St Ives  coast, looking out always to The Lighthouse. This was the one Virginia Woolf wrote about .   The layers of  ceramic waves and fish  giving depth and drawing the eye into the life of the  picture. The layered   clouds give an  ethereal feel of the weather and wind stirring up the waves sweeping the waves across the bay but guiding any passing boats to saftey.