Mermaid Brooch 4 cm x 7cm



Line drawn Mermaid image by Victoria Hilliard. Golden back ground on a metallic pin brooch.

The inspiration coming from the Mermaid of Zennor but with other Cornish folk  influences. The Fish in one hand and Bird in the other, symbolising the fragile  balance of ocean  and sky. More internally she embodies  the  Mind, Body and Spirit equilibrium.  She is set  against the night sky,  singing her haunting tunes. The beautiful voice echoing through the valleys along the moonlit  Cornish coast…..calling to her to all who hear her…

A lovely keepsake present or better still a gift to yourself.

Steeped in Cornish folklore the Mermaid is an ever popular image in my work. Evoking many memories of evening swims off the North coast of Cornwall.

A well made brooch produced in a factory so is durable materials.Sturdy and ideal for a coat , hat, scarf or dress.