Oak tree Retablo 26ins high 36ins open.



The Oak Tree is a recurrent subject,  In fact Trees, as they are the gracious host of so much life. Their age and depth, history,  of life above and below the ground. In this opening and closing retablo the ceramic leaves flow into pattern punctuated with acorns.And the occasional bird. In the spring the lush apple green leaves and then in the summer and autumn turning slowly to the range of rusts, ochre’s and darker greens. I try to include Birds that nest in the tree and relevant insect life. Oak trees are often  on the brow of a hill with surrounding fields and farm life, this is how I set my Oak Trees. Its the opulant wealth of life that the Oak tree gives that inspires me to return and  make this image again and again.

The exterior is usually a painted image of the Oak Tree or Night sky showing the changing seasons.

Talk to me about a commission. With any commission I don’t expect a payment for it until the purchaser definitely likes it. I also try to make it in such a way, so if they are not happy with it I would be able to hang it in my gallery to sell. This doesn’t put undue pressure on the person commissioning.