Red Hot Chilli peppers .23 cm x 23cm



Red Hot  Chilli Peppers. Hot fiery colours inspire the chillies I make in clay. They handmade then fired and assembled in the  Tulip wood frame. The frame is dark grey suiting many modern kitchens. (Herringbone by Crown) Although It can be what ever colour suits your room. They look fabulous in a group with the contrasting colours of the other  fruit and vegetables I make in the same style. The Zesty Lemons and the cool Moules, are all popular with this eye catching spicy character.

I can always group any you like together and send you a photo so you can see how they might look in your kitchen or dinning room.

When I make commissions I always send the buyer  photos  first so they can decide if it how they want it. I want the buyer to be delighted with the finished picture so they feel it  enhances  their living space. More can be ordered at a later time as you see how they hang and work in your particular kitchen environment.